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New Beginnings

We’re between the new and first quarter moon, astrologically  that means it’s a good time for new beginnings and my husband and I are selling our loft (which we lived in, used as a photography, rented and used as a yoga studio since our arrival in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. It goes on the market in April and we’re leaving soon to go on the road in what will ultimately be an adventure all across the country. 

Heart of the World

Mamo Duringa, the Kogi mamo (holy man)pictured here  is over approximately 130 years old. When his mother was pregnant with him other mamos came to her and told her she was carrying one of them. When he was born he was taken into training and given just enough light so that he wouldn’t go blind as he developed his inner vision in meditation until he was an adolescent. He’s spent his entire life meditating and visioning.