Lwa Dife

Lwa Dife – The Fire Goddess

Journal Entry
– Ti Toto, July 1989
Vodou Ceremony, Anse-à-Veau, Haiti

The day she was born she was pushed to the edge.

She jumped, and rose on broken phoenix wings.

She lives in the space betwixt light so bright and dark so dark that both are blinding.

At night, the luminous tears of ten thousand ancestors wash over her, and she shines.

And she shines.

Her coal eyes have seen her people stolen, raped, skinned alive, and flayed open.

She has felt every blow.

She has wept every tear.

Her wail is a symphony in the space between breaths of sweet nectar and body numb agony.

She walks in the morning of her own sun fire.

We, her children, are her spark.

She is, was, and will be invoked and ignited again and again, forever.

Her love for us rests here, in the soft underbelly abyss of this moment.

Of this moment.

She would not be without we.

She is passion that strikes so hard we fall.

She is the espri that enters us like bolts of lighting.

She is the grandmother that held and rocked us.

She is the goddess we have prayed to through all the ages of time.

She is there, in each moment.

She is here now.

Author Mystic Photographer