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 Liberating The Heart of the World

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the mountain that the indigenous of Colombia call The Heart of the World encompasses more than 380,000 hectares from sea level to 5,770 meters. The mountain has 3 faces that look north, west and southeast as they span Magdalena, Guajira and Cesar states.

Tayrona National Park’s 15,000 hectares feature a geographic star formed by 35 rivers that irrigate coastal flood plains and valleys. Two main rivers, the Ariguaní and Cesar, supply aqueducts in several cities and settlements and feed Guajira, most notably, the Rancheria river valley.

80% of the ecosystems on the planet exist in the Sierra – dry thorn scrub forests, cloudy rain forests, lagoons, riverbeds and vast marine and coastal areas that feature coral, mangrove stands, grassy sea meadows, beaches and rocky shores.

Until recently there were 7 perpetually snowy peaks in the Sierra. One remains. This area must be protected. It is currently being threatened by mining, dams, hotels and municipalities.

The Teyuna have no choice but to buy sections of the Sierra in order to protect what is left of Earth in Her natural state. We very much appreciate and highly value your generous donations. The time is now. We pay attention or we perish. It’s that urgent, and that simple.

Progress to Our Goal

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