Through her innocent and inquiring connection to spirit, Mary Gaetjens illuminates a side of Haiti that few Westerners know. Anse-à-Vodou: A Summer with My Father in Haiti is a gripping narrative that weaves etheric mystery and earthly reality in a compassionate blanket across cultural boundaries.
Néité Décimus, M.Ed., Houngan and founder of Lakou Papiyon

Gaetjens’ powerful memoir is a unique opportunity to experience a culture often masked by prejudice and fear. The photographs are a rare glimpse into an extraordinary and little known
world and proof that this world still exists.
— Deborah Pruitt, Ph.D., anthropologist, author, speaker, and founder of Group Alchemy Consulting

Gaetjens came to Vodou with a beginner’s mind and an open heart. Her focused narration
of her experience sheds new light on Vodou and on Haiti. I hope this light reaches many, as
did Maya Deren’s.
Pyewo Bwazoben, BS, Cit. Ed Tech, ALM, Founder, Jazz Pyebwa

Supriya Ishaya, monk and spiritual guide

Author Mystic Photographer