Teyuna Foundation

The Teyuna Foundation’s mission is to share the spiritual teachings and practices of the Teyuna with organizations and networks focused on ecological protection and healing. 

The first major project of the Teyuna Foundation was a three-month tour of Teyuna mamos and zagas (spiritual leaders).

The fiscal sponsor for the Teyuna Foundation is the Earth Law Center in New York, New York.

The Teyuna are the Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Kogi and Wiwa of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia. Their lives are dedicated to a sacred vow to uphold the Earth Mother’s original law: All must protect and nurture the planet, our collective home.

The Teyuna have received an urgent message and plea from Earth Mother to share and provide their sacred service and spiritual practice of pagamento across the planet, starting with the United States of America. The practice of pagamento focuses on paymentto Earth Mother for supporting and sustaining all creation. Pagemento activates the segwa or divine seeds in Earth Mother’s body. Segwa is present in all beings, elements, and places on the planet.

Mamos and zagas live from a space of harmony and are thereby able to restore harmony where there is chaos. Chaos and harmony are energies that all of nature resonates with. As the mamos and zagas perform pagamento the land responds as if breathing a sigh of relief. Birds sing, and even rain falls. When nature is in harmony we as humans are able to feel that accord. We respond by relaxing and naturally experiencing joy.

Sixteen mamos and zagas (medicine men and women) will work with organizations in various regions to activate segwas and share their sacred teachings. The Teyuna seers will travel to many regions of the U.S.A depending on developing partnerships between organizations and networks that are interested in hosting them.

Mary Antonine Gaetjens, the North American representative of the Teyuna, was elected by the Concejo Territorial de Cabildos or Council of the Cabildos, the highest authority of the Teyuna, to serve as tour coordinator for the Summer 2018 Recorrido and will travel with the Teyuna

The Teyuna Tour welcomes local participation in regions across the United States. The Initiative seeks partners who can assist with hosting local and regional activities and support for the tour.

Note: If you’re thinking that Teyuna sounds a lot like the Spanish Tayrona you’re correct. The Spanish changed the name of the Teyuna to match their pronunciation and alphabet and Teyuna is pronounced Sey-J-Una.

Author Mystic Photographer