Empowered Thoughts=Empowered Actions

Your donations support our shared community, Planet Earth. 

“…I ask for the opportunity to rediscover those places of power around us. We are willing to return, to point the way…

Mamo Seybin and Mamo Miquelito Marawita

“Help us offer our pagamentos [sacred service performed by Teyuna spiritual leaders to energetically support Earth] so that our words do not vanish into the air or get blown by the wind. Then, you will find a vibration, a happiness, a joy, that will spread all over the Earth.”

Adapted from an interview with Mamo Avinteira as recorded in Arhuaco Universe, compiled by Jesús Ortíz

The mamos and zagas would like to thank you for helping to make the recorrido possible and are generously offering thank you gifts based on your level of support. Offerings include: individual consultations and healings during our summer tour and/or remotely on an ongoing basis, invitations to work with them in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia, fabric woven by the mamos and infused with their consciousness, traditional mochilas woven by powerful zagas and infused with their energy, and trees planted in your name in the Sierra.

Thank you so much for your support.

Walking with you in Harmony,

The Teyuna Foundation


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Thank you all.  We welcome your contribution as connection.

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