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Mamo Seybin and Mamo Miquelito Marawita

Recent projects include building three temples in Seyamᵾke, La Guajira, Colombia to serve seven communities, 2,418 Kogi and Wiwa people – 300 families including 934 children under 15 years of age. Seyamᵾke is known to Colombians as Dibulla. In the Dᵾmᵾna language, Seyamᵾke means “place where the origins are returned”. The Seyamᵾke Temples are core and central sanctuaries for ancestral practice and spiritual teachings.

We have also participated in the liberation of sites along the Magdalena and Besotes Rivers to prevent damming and mining, and helped to reclaim 33 sacred sites in the Heart of the World.

Currently we are seeking funding for the rebuilding of twenty traditional homes and one Nujué (female ceremonial house) for Kogi Nuanezhaka families who lost their homes and temple in recent fires.


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