The Heart of Everything That Is

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We spent time in what is known to most westerners as the Black Hills, but known to the Lakota as Paha Sapa, The Heart of Everything That Is last summer.

Recently, satellites at the Eros Data Center, near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, photographed Paha Sapa from above. When the pictures were developed, scientists were shocked to learn that the Black Hills were the exact shape of the human heart. You could even see the chambers, veins, and arteries.

This finding gives new meaning to the statements of Lakota elders, the guardians of Paha Sapa, who’ve said all along that Paha Sapa is the heart of all there is. One might wonder how the ancients knew what the land looked like from above before the advent of airplanes. Ben First Eagle, who lives in the center of Paha Sapa, says that mystics had ways of seeing that are in the realm of the unbelievable. But, for the average person, this scientific data confirms the stories they were told.

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