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Lover’s Wirakokwa

During the time when the earth was first formed great mother planted a spindle in the fresh soil of the Sierra. The thread from the spindle weaved the land, plants and animals, it weaved man and woman. This thread joins all of her creations and breathes life into form. As the shaft of the spindle turns through time like the churring of the milky way, our life stories are written. It is the turning of the Shaft that creates the friction to produce heat or energy that moves through the branches of the human nervous system as their energetic pathway, the microcosmic reflection of the Macrocosmic. The thread connects our inner heart with the same the heart of the mountain that was first formed when the Mother planted the Spindle into the earth.

In the beginning of time, the Mother Goddess took a spindle and pushed it upright into the newly created and still soft earth, right in the centre of the snowpeaks of the Sierra Nevada, saying: “This is the central post…!’ and then, picking from the top of the spindle a length of yarn, she drew with it a circle around the spindle-whorl and said: “This shall be the land of my children’.” i

The thorough understanding concerning the weaving of the cosmos as well as the fabric of life is essential to their way of being and cosmology. The turning of the shaft of this spindle causes the friction or nuclear force of Wirakokwa, the golden sun in the heart of our Planet. It was the powerful force of Wirakokwa that pulled the elements from the Cosmos when the planet was first formed. When Ingwikugui, the stillness wrapped Wirakokwa in her embrace tranquility befell them both and their Radiance burst forth the heart of Gunnekun as the balanced male/female polarities of the 5 elements; Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Space. These lovers Ingwikugui and Wirakokwa are in eternal embrace as the Supernal sun.

Composed of the same five elements that produce our physical bodies, the physical landscape of the Earth is produced by the thoughts and actions undertaken through the collective karma of sentient beings. The collective delusions and karmic tendencies resulting in attraction, repulsion and indifference, determines the essential characteristics of our world system. ii

We are composed of the same five elements as the landscape around us. Our blood is the water, our breath the air, our inspiration and desire the fire and our flesh the earth. The subtlest level of the five elements exist as balanced male/female energy arising from Primordial awareness, Aluna. As the frequency or movement of the cosmic ocean coalesce and condense that energy forms the subtle level of the Elements. The movement of Aluna appears as the gale or wind of vital energy that moves upon these elements. Through the distorted perception of duality, the elements first appear as the basis of our Consciousness then condense as the sense perceptions and our bodily systems. And these same elements exist within all of Nature, whether that is the Nature of our human essence or landscape. We are aware of the elements through the inner winds as the movement, integration, comprehension of our thoughts and emotions. These same winds or elements form our physical bodily systems; digestive, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, musculoskeletal. As the cords of the gale are cut there is surely death. There is no separation between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence as outer, inner, and secret they are reflections in landscape symbolized as the Sierra Nevada Mountain.

The Mamos believe that each human has a golden Sun laying in potential located in the cave of our inner heart. This Supernal Sun is our spark of divinity and individual share of the Primordial consciousness of Aluna. Through their deep meditations with the male and female energies in perfect harmony and balance in Aluna, the golden seed blooms and ignites an eternal flame. Once it is activated it is the bridge that connects each of their sacred sites on the mountain, their heart of the world, to the Primordial existence within each of them. As their Gale of consciousness coalesce it forms a bond between the people and the landscape. Just as the outer sun reflects the inner Sun; our outer breath reflects the solar gale.

by Lanette Padula

i Reichel-Dolmatoff, Gerardo, The Loom of Life: A kogi Principle of Integration, 1978, pg 13

ii Tenzin Gyatso, H.H. The XIVth Dalai Lama. “Buddhist Concept of Nature” in Cho Yang, Vol. I (Dharamsala: Council for Religious and Cultural Affairs).


It’s so great to get out of the Bay Area and have wide open space around us. We’ve been camping near Red Rock Canyon in Nevada for about a week. It’s incredible – the strata of gold red blue and green is visible for miles. A painters dream. We’ve been falling asleep looking at the stars every night. It’s so peaceful and rejuvenating to be close to nature.

In Wonderland

This month’s full moon is in Uranus – the planet of FREEDOM – freedom and change get me jazzed more then anything else and this month has been about rapid change, surprises, revelations and revolutions, and like Alice, who knew who she was this morning, but has changed a few times since then, I’ve whipped out the keys to the costume closet and am exclusively wearing my super-hero uniform to be ready anytime for what’s in the stars – a greater alignment with even more consciousness about what we’re capable of (as a species) from here on out –Can you feel it? Have you been riding the waves this month? Surf or be surfed. Surrender is recommended. 

Equinox Blessings


Happy Equinox!

I’ve been living in California for 20 years, so I’ve not experienced a harsh winter for two decades. The promise of relief from a hard winter is symbolic and mystical for me, just as it’s been for witches, sages and mages since time began.  The logic ignites the magic. Equinox is a time when the shadow and light are in perfect balance. Today we celebrate balance – the exact balance between the Light and Darkness.

That said, it’s a wintery day here in Northern California which is cause for celebration – it’s raining and when it rains it’s like gold pouring from the sky. It’s a beautiful day. These are from my backyard –  

The Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa mamos and zagas (medicine men and women) I’ve been blessed to work with in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia see balance as the basis of my energetic skill sit, so today is my birthday. It’s a big one! I’ll be 50 this year by Gregorian Calendar accounting. Happy Birthday to me!


New Beginnings

We’re between the new and first quarter moon, astrologically  that means it’s a good time for new beginnings and my husband and I are selling our loft (which we lived in, used as a photography, rented and used as a yoga studio since our arrival in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. It goes on the market in April and we’re leaving soon to go on the road in what will ultimately be an adventure all across the country. 


In our weekly group meditation Ginny brought through many gifts as always – this time, including a message from the plant kingdom, particularly the orchids – They wanted us to know why they are here, on the planet:

To teach us how to live in community and collaborate






To teach us how how to live more simply 





To make us aware of the beauty and grace in our lives