Samadhi Breathwork Retreat – Flow

 St. Charles, Illinois June 27-30

Bathe in grace in this experiential retreat as your own breath and meditation guide you to profound levels of stillness. Learn to listen for Mother Earth’s teachings about the element of water in your being and on the planet as you are gently guided to fully awaken into the miracle of YOU, in safe, nurturing, like-minded community. Soak in healing waters of the Fox River and honor sacred sites. Return home understanding how to unleash your infinite potential through your connection to the element that comprises most of human form.  In addition:

  • Oxygenate Your Blood & Get Your Lymphatic System Working Optimally to Heal Aches, Pains and Illness
  • Turn On Your Body’s Natural Internal Antidepressants to Release Stress & Relax Fully
  • Learn How to Use Energy Masterfully to Manifest Your Ideal Life
  • Learn to Trust & Tune Your Intuition
  • Replace Fear, Resentment, & Disappointment with Love, Forgiveness & Joy
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs & Patterns…and So Much More

Tuition: $695.00

Samadhi Breathwork opens the spirit/mind/body to the breath to dissolve the obstacles of the mind, allowing us to walk the road to self-realization with more awareness. 

Your Facilitator would love to hear from you. Please sign up for my newsletter and request a free consultation. Inspired by life long studies in ancient mystery schools, practice as a yogini, and work as Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, I created Samadhi Breathwork to give myself and others a formula for freeing the mind permanently. Grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, my method utilizes ancient knowledge still widely used and respected today to unleash particular states of consciousness known as samadhi.

Author Mystic Photographer