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The mamos and zagas will offer opportunities to experience their sacred teachings. You may apply to join us for Secrets of Jatuqua The Sacred Mother of Water, July 10-July 22, 2018. Open to 11 participants.

There will be retreats in Crestone, Colorado from August 8-11 and in Canaan, New York from September 9-12. If you wish to be considered for enrollment and be advised of updates please complete the form below. 

Secrets of Jatuqua The Sacred Mother of Water begins in the Heart of Turtle Island on the banks of the Fox, a river that flows into the Mississippi. We will travel from the Great Lakes Region to connect with sacred headwaters and make our way to the “Heart of All that Is” the true name for the Black Hills.

If you are called to align with your true purpose, you’ve found your way home.

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