Private Sessions in Samadhi Breathwork via Telephone

People are getting extraordinary results from one hour Samadhi Breathwork Sessions. For the first few minutes you let me know what’s on your mind, then I guide you into a highly meditative state that lasts for about 40 minutes and we share your experience afterward. If you’re in North America we’ll use a local number, and I facilitate sessions via skype or WhatsApp for international clients. 

Please fill out the form below if you’d like me to contact you for sessions. 

I’m on the road. I guided a session from here recently next to what was probably a thousand year old tree in the desert.

I’m offering sessions for an introductory rate of $55.00 through June – the same exchange that I offered for groups in the Bay Area.

I’ve no plans to return to the Bay Area until the fall and will be there briefly before I head to New Zealand for a retreat on Great Barrier Island in 2019. 

You can catch me for a magical  weekend of sisterhood near Ashland Oregon Mother Peace Weekend and a Samadhi Breathwork Retreat in the Great Lakes Area in North America in 2018 and in Colombia in December 2018 TBA. In early 2019 I’ll be offering a Samadhi Breathwork Retreat in New Zealand

My work with the  Kogi, Arhuaco and Wiwa mamos and zagas (medicine men and women of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia) continues.

In the Great Lakes area we’ll focus on our connection to the element of water in preparation for our training with the mamos and zagas on the element of water. The work we do  is rich and deep and preparation is very useful if not critical to the experience. Our Great Lakes Samadhi Breatwork Retreat – FLOW will be focused on water for that reason. 

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