Ika Mamo in Meditation

Since December of 2016 I have been honored to work with mamos (male spiritual leaders) and zagas (female spiritual leaders) of the 4 families, the Kogis, Arhuacos (or Ika), Wiwas and Kankuamos, indigenous ethnic groups that have lived in what we now call Colombia’s Sierra Nevada for thousands of years.

Being a mamo or zaga means living in a state of fully conscious connective thought with the Universal Mother. Mamos and zagas literally consider where they live to be the heart of the world. Being energetic activators in service to Our Mother is, they believe, the reason they exist.

The Cosmic Energy Connectors

Mamos and zagas call the sacred sites of the planet The Cosmic Energy Connectors of the Universe and they’ve been tracking our sacred sites from a universal perspective, which means they’ve observed the past and seen the future. They’ve watched with great sorrow as indigenous caretakers and story tellers were removed from many of North America’s sacred sites. The energy of those sites have gone dormant making Mother Nature very weak in North America.

From the Sierra Nevada mountains the mamos and zagas have been observing the destruction of the world’s ecosystems for generations. The felling of large plots of trees, Industrial agriculture, building of dams, and coal mines has caused mass devastation to their home as well. Of eight Sierra ridges once snow-covered, one remains. The Mother is dying.

Will you contribute to help support the mamos and zagas of the Kogis, Arhuacos (or Ika), Wiwas and Kankuamos?

To make a donation directly to Gunnekunplease use this email address.  Correspondence will be in Spanish or Ika. If you don’t speak one of those languages a translator can be made available to assist with the transaction. Please use this page to contact us and someone will be in touch. 

To make a tax deductible donation please use this page to contact us and we’ll get back to you with details from our umbrella foundation. 

Thank you so much. We can’t do this alone. We are better together. 

Working at Mt. Shasta, California

In September of 2017, a group of North Americans who believe it’s their mission to serve The Mother as well, came together in Mt. Shasta, California to perform ceremonies called pagamentos or payments with the mamos and zagas to honor Mt. Shasta’s sacred sites.

The mamos wish to return to the United States in 2018 and are looking forward to joining indigenous people worldwide who are coming together in ceremony to help heal themselves, all of humanity and the planet through sacred service. The mamos and zagas feel it’s essential for all of us to perform energetic ceremonies of acknowledgment and appreciation in order to give back to Mother Earth for all that She has given us, that we come together, people from all ethnic groups, to do so.

Heart of North America Tour

The mamos and zagas are coming to North America to emphasize the importance of doing pagamento at sacred sites now. You can be a part of it. Please read more here. Connecting to sacred sites connects us to sacred knowledge of the natural world, the entire planet and ultimately the universe.


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